Thank You McAfee and Nestorick Families

East Nantmeal Township will remain much as it always has been, thanks to the good work from a number of people. Most of all we are grateful for the stewardship and generosity of the McAfee and Nestorick families and their gift to our community. The following article, written by Trish St. Georges, originally appeared in the The New Sweetwater Reporter, Fall 2013 edition.

“I don’t want ‘it’ to change.” About two years ago these words were spoken to Jim Jenkins by Kevin McAfee and indirectly echoed by Ray Nestorick. Those 6 words started a lengthy process which has resulted in having ConaMoore Farm’s and Why Not Farm’s beautiful scenic view sheds and farm views we now enjoy.

Nestorick-9250024As one enters East Nantmeal heading West along Route 401, on the left one passes the barn and fields belonging to the Nestoricks and Heilners which are part of the 92+- acres now eased. One enjoys the cows and calves, the view across the pond, the fields behind the pond and the wooded landscaped area as one continues westward.

Moon-7131_Edit_1922_Edit_1927_Edit_2821_Edit_2822One then comes to McAfee’s pond and open meadow on the right side, passes the Fairview Road intersection, enjoys the scenic cropland and the view of the tree on top of the hill. The farm house, barn, other outbuildings, trees and plantings, various fields with crops in season, and the woods coming down to Wynn Hollow Road make up the rest of the McAfee’s 162.6+- acre farm.

The two families have already received the Stewardship award given by the Township for their longtime care and “stewardship” of their lovely properties. Now the Township can cheer because each of these properties has been permanently eased and a “gateway” to our Township is forever preserved. There will not be a housing development on either farm. They will essentially stay the way they are today into perpetuity. With more than 45% of its land now preserved, these most recently eased properties are two more examples of why
East Nantmeal Township is a special place and enjoys low municipal taxes.

The French and Pickering Creek Conservation Trust holds the Nestorick/Heilner easement and Natural Lands Trust holds the McAfee one. East Nantmeal Land Trust also worked with the families, trust personnel (Josh Parrish of The Nature Conservancy, Pam Brown of FPCCT and Jack Stefferud of NLT), Chester County, and various other organizations and consultants to bring this about.

The McAfee family owns two little wedges of ground South of Route 401 on the East and West side of Fairview Road. These wedges of land are to be donated to the Township. The rocky East side is not of much use except, perhaps, for mountain goats. The West side piece (where Fairview Road originally crossed 401) might become a future small picnic area and bicycle rest stop. From there, the Township and East Nantmeal Land Trust hope to create a Westward trail along Route 401 which would initially terminate at the Township building. It is an interesting concept that will take time to develop as, is always the case, there may be obstacles to achieving this.

The East Nantmeal Land Trust exists to help landowners who want their properties to stay virtually unchanged to explore the many options which might be available to achieve this. Fewer housing developments make East Nantmeal a special place by minimizing the cost of running the Township and preserving its natural beauty. ENLT is always happy to share with and educate our residents about “preservation” possibilities. Board members include: Nina Christiansen, Leslie Gall, Alison Mallamo, Warren Mann, Jim Moore, Carol Pollitz, Joe St. Georges, Trish St. Georges, Tildy Wren, Tyler Wren, Susie Zook.