PECO: Stay Safe During Outdoor Celebrations and Keep Mylar Balloons Away From Power Lines

PHILADELPHIA (June 11, 2014) – The end of the school year brings outdoor celebrations for recent graduates, but it also can be dangerous and lead to power outages if Mylar balloons from those festivities come into contact with power lines.
When a Mylar balloon contacts a power line or a piece of electric equipment, its metallic material can cause a surge of electricity that can lead to power outages or potentially dangerous situations.
PECO customers should keep the following safety tips in mind.

  • Mylar, other types of balloons and all objects should be kept away from overhead power lines and other utility equipment. These objects can become entangled in lines and cause an outage.
  • Keep balloons tethered and attached to weights at all times.
  • Properly dispose of Mylar balloons by puncturing the balloon to release helium that otherwise could cause the balloon to float away.
  • NEVER touch a power line. Do not attempt to retrieve a balloon, toy or other type of debris that is entangled in an overhead power line. For assistance, call PECO to report the problem at 1-800-494-4000 so our crews can remove the item safely.
  • Always assume power lines are energized and keep yourself, your belongings and anything you are carrying at least 10 feet away from power lines.

PECO customers can learn more about power line safety by visiting