Ballot Referendum in May

French Creek and Stonewall Golf Clubs have initiated a ballot referendum in East Nantmeal Township asking residents if they would permit the clubs the right to apply for a liquor license. The process requires that between February 17th and March 9th the clubs obtain approximately 200 signatures on a petition from registered voters in East Nantmeal Township.  If successful with this initiative, the question will then be placed on the May 19, 2015 East Nantmeal election ballot. If the questions obtain a majority vote of “Yes” on this ballot referendum, the clubs will have the right to apply for a liquor license.

Some points about the Ballot Referendum:

  • The referendum does NOT seek to change the entire township from DRY to WET for the purpose of allowing retail (bar and restaurant) liquor licenses. The Township will continue as a dry township, this referendum is specifically limited to French Creek GC and Stonewall GC.
  • Any other entity would not be able to obtain a liquor license unless they too circulated a petition and were successful in a future referendum.
  • French Creek and Stonewall Golf Clubs are seeking to obtain from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“PLCB”) a ‘Club Liquor License’ for their respective property.
  • The Club Liquor Licenses sought by both French Creek and Stonewall are not transferable and cannot be moved to another location.
  • With a Club Liquor License the PLCB will have supervisory controls, will administer and enforce the license. The PLCB will allow alcoholic beverages to be served only to members of these clubs and their guests.

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