April: EAC Sustainability Speaker Series

The Environmental Advisory Committee for East Nantmeal Township presents its 2015 Sustainability Speaker Series. Each session will be at the Township Building starting at 7 pm.


“Think globally, eat locally.” is the motto of Sam Cantrell, Executive Director of Maysie’s Farm Conservation Center. Being raised on the farm, Sam’s work as a field biologist and his travels around the world compelled him to action. Sam is a pioneer in the Community Supported Agriculture movement.

Samantha Smenkowski and Zachary Heacock from Full Circle CSA are a young couple who started as volunteers at a local farm four years ago realizing that their passions would soon turn into a full fledged life mission. Sammy is an artist and a great cook who found a new canvas in the fields with vegetables as her medium. Zachary has a background in Permaculture and a longing to bring food, ecology and community together.

Moriah Bilenky, owner, manager, and sole employee of Moriah’s Horse Powered Farm was not raised on a farm and with little idea of what farm life meant, at the age of 10, Moriah knew she wanted to live on a farm and be a farmer. Today she starts her own farm – the most honorable profession she believed a person could do, grow food for people.
Join us in welcoming this month’s speakers on our local food systems.