Audubon Plant Giveaway, Spring 2023

Registration Open Now – April 3rd, 2023!
Audubon Mid-Atlantic’s free plant giveaway in the Schuylkill Highlands. This program helps residents start or enhance riparian buffers on their property with free native plants. Riparian buffers are vegetated areas along streams that help to stabilize eroding banks and improve water quality through their root systems. By adding native plants you support local wildlife and migratory birds which utilize the plants for shelter and food.

Is my property eligible?

  • Eligible sites are located within one of the priority subwatersheds within the Schuylkill Highlands. These watersheds have been identified through the broader work of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative. Find out if your address is located in one of the 10 priority subwatersheds here.
  • Eligible sites have a stream running through or along-side the property. A ‘stream’ for the purpose of this program is any natural, flowing body of water which eventually flows into the Schuylkill River.

To be eligible to receive your free native plant package, properties must border a stream or have one passing through it.  Your property must be located within the Schuylkill Highlands adjacent to one of the following streams/creeks: Beaver Run, Hay Creek, Pine Creek, French Creek, South Branch French CreekBirch Run, Pigeon Run, Pigeon Creek, Pickering Creek or Rock Run. Please complete the form to help us determine your eligibility for the program and an Audubon staff member will be in touch with you shortly. Registered streamside property owners will receive information about picking up their plant package in Berks County & Chester County. Audubon recommends to protect all new plants from deer browsing. For more information about our plant giveaway, email

Not sure if your property is within the priory subwatersheds? Click here to search your address on our map!