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Country Spirit USA at Ludwig’s Corner: August 24 – 26

The Citadel Country Spirit USA country music event runs August 24-26 at the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds. The festival will feature more than 20 country music artists on two stages, as well as food, beverages and a wide range of activities.  Headliners include superstars Alabama, Toby Keith and Brad Paisley.

Expect Traffic and Nantmeal Road Closure

In anticipation of large crowds and additional traffic, you may want to avoid the corner of Rte. 100 and Rte. 401. If possible complete as many errands as you can before Friday. West Vincent Police will close Nantmeal Rd. from just west of Griffith Hall (Fire Company) to Rte. 100 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Traveling from Nantmeal Village to Rte. 100 use Horseshoe Trail Rd.

Drop Off Only at the Show Grounds

If you plan on attending the concert note that all parking is off site and no parking will be available on the show grounds. You may be dropped off on the grounds, so arrange for a friend, neighbor or your sitter to drop you off and pick you up after the performance.

If you have questions or comments about the Country Spirit USA Music Festival, please call 610 331-0432 or email Do not call the Township as we have no additional information about the event.

Free Master Composting Class: March 2017

The Chester County Board of Commissioners, through the Chester County Solid Waste Authority, offers FREE Certified Master Composting Classes. Attendance is required all three weeks to become certified.  Due to Chester County Library requirements, it is imperative that classes start on time.  Latecomers may be denied entrance.

Chester County Library – (Exton Library) 6:00 PM Sharp – 8:00 PM

Struble Room, 450 Exton Square Parkway, Exton, PA
Tuesday, March 14th, 2017
Tuesday, March 21st
Tuesday, March 28th

Trainees will learn how to compost, how to construct various compost bins, how to grasscycle, leafcycle and how to reduce food waste by vermi-composting. The Chester County Solid Waste Authority will provide training, materials, volunteer opportunities and support.  To register or for more information, call 484-796-4041.

New Sunoco Pipeline Activities in the Township

Sunoco Pipeline L.P. recently has contacted landowners in East Nantmeal regarding two pipeline projects. One project involves rehabilitation of an existing pipeline and the other a feasibility study for a new pipeline approximating the existing right of way.

For decades Sunoco’s pipeline moved liquid petroleum products, such as heating oil, from their Marcus Hook refinery to the Pittsburgh area. That route utilizes pipelines that run along the western boundary of East Nantmeal in the vicinity of Millard Road. Sunoco currently has two pipes about three feet underground, one 8-inch diameter and one 6-inch diameter; the larger has been taken off-line for inspection and repair. Ultimately the company intends to reverse the flow from the Pittsburgh area to the newly converted refinery in Marcus Hook. And rather than move petroleum products, the pipeline will carry natural gas liquids. To implement this plan, the line has been cleared so it can be inspected and maintained. Remote inspection of the pipeline will indicate areas where the steel might be dented, thinned or in other ways needing repair. Sunoco can exercise the rights granted in their easement to enter onto an individual’s property to survey, inspect and if necessary excavate and repair the pipeline. Residents should expect to see Sunoco or its contractors doing this type of work in the western part of the township until the projected completion date in mid-2014.

The Mariner East Pipeline Project is a separate endeavor to move natural gas liquids from Ohio, across Pennsylvania to the Marcus Hook facility. Sunoco is in the very early stages of Mariner and will be in East Nantmeal conducting a feasibility study. The Company intends to follow the current pipeline route through the township (along the western boundary) using the existing right of way. However, the old right of way may not prove sufficient, which means that the company may need to survey and test areas outside of their right of way. If Sunoco ventures outside the eased areas onto private property, they will need to inform and get permission from the landowner. At this time, no application has been made with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and no permits have been issued for this new pipeline. If the Mariner project is approved and the route determined, then Sunoco may have to also obtain additional right-of-way easements to construct the pipeline.

Thank You McAfee and Nestorick Families

East Nantmeal Township will remain much as it always has been, thanks to the good work from a number of people. Most of all we are grateful for the stewardship and generosity of the McAfee and Nestorick families and their gift to our community. The following article, written by Trish St. Georges, originally appeared in the The New Sweetwater Reporter, Fall 2013 edition.

“I don’t want ‘it’ to change.” About two years ago these words were spoken to Jim Jenkins by Kevin McAfee and indirectly echoed by Ray Nestorick. Those 6 words started a lengthy process which has resulted in having ConaMoore Farm’s and Why Not Farm’s beautiful scenic view sheds and farm views we now enjoy.

Nestorick-9250024As one enters East Nantmeal heading West along Route 401, on the left one passes the barn and fields belonging to the Nestoricks and Heilners which are part of the 92+- acres now eased. One enjoys the cows and calves, the view across the pond, the fields behind the pond and the wooded landscaped area as one continues westward.

Moon-7131_Edit_1922_Edit_1927_Edit_2821_Edit_2822One then comes to McAfee’s pond and open meadow on the right side, passes the Fairview Road intersection, enjoys the scenic cropland and the view of the tree on top of the hill. The farm house, barn, other outbuildings, trees and plantings, various fields with crops in season, and the woods coming down to Wynn Hollow Road make up the rest of the McAfee’s 162.6+- acre farm.

The two families have already received the Stewardship award given by the Township for their longtime care and “stewardship” of their lovely properties. Now the Township can cheer because each of these properties has been permanently eased and a “gateway” to our Township is forever preserved. There will not be a housing development on either farm. They will essentially stay the way they are today into perpetuity. With more than 45% of its land now preserved, these most recently eased properties are two more examples of why
East Nantmeal Township is a special place and enjoys low municipal taxes.

The French and Pickering Creek Conservation Trust holds the Nestorick/Heilner easement and Natural Lands Trust holds the McAfee one. East Nantmeal Land Trust also worked with the families, trust personnel (Josh Parrish of The Nature Conservancy, Pam Brown of FPCCT and Jack Stefferud of NLT), Chester County, and various other organizations and consultants to bring this about.

The McAfee family owns two little wedges of ground South of Route 401 on the East and West side of Fairview Road. These wedges of land are to be donated to the Township. The rocky East side is not of much use except, perhaps, for mountain goats. The West side piece (where Fairview Road originally crossed 401) might become a future small picnic area and bicycle rest stop. From there, the Township and East Nantmeal Land Trust hope to create a Westward trail along Route 401 which would initially terminate at the Township building. It is an interesting concept that will take time to develop as, is always the case, there may be obstacles to achieving this.

The East Nantmeal Land Trust exists to help landowners who want their properties to stay virtually unchanged to explore the many options which might be available to achieve this. Fewer housing developments make East Nantmeal a special place by minimizing the cost of running the Township and preserving its natural beauty. ENLT is always happy to share with and educate our residents about “preservation” possibilities. Board members include: Nina Christiansen, Leslie Gall, Alison Mallamo, Warren Mann, Jim Moore, Carol Pollitz, Joe St. Georges, Trish St. Georges, Tildy Wren, Tyler Wren, Susie Zook.

Historical Commission Speaker: November 20, 2013

The East Nantmeal Historical Commission Speaker Series
“Ned Hector”
November 20th, 7pm
East Nantmeal Township Building
3383 Conestoga Road


Historic re-en actor, Noah Lewis, will give an exciting and informative portrayal of Ned Hector, a free black soldier and teamster who fought for George Washington’s army during the Revolutionary War.

Noah Lewis tailors his performances for audiences of all ages, and has been performing at schools throughout the Delaware Valley for many years. His book, “Edward ‘Ned’ Hector, Revolutionary War Hero – Time Traveler,” is geared for young readers.

For more information, please visit

Welcome to all – Admission free
~ Refreshments ~